Powering up Manufacturing Facilities with Artificial Intelligence

Sensomind brings intelligence to your production lines so you can run your factories much more efficiently.

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Optimize Production with AI

Sensomind uses Artificial Intelligence based on Deep Learning to ensure product quality, optimize production processes and collect valuable insights from production lines.

Quality Control Anno 2018

Forget the days where configuring and installing a computer vision took months to complete. Sensomind integrates with industrial-grade cameras to detect anomalies as well as sorting and grading in real-time.

Integration with Robots

Modern manufacturing and packaging robots require accurate input to efficiently operate in a production environment. Sensomind's solution integrates with robots and provides the information they need to run.

AI for You

Systems based on AI greatly outperform traditional statistical approaches — but without prior knowledge, they can be difficult to set up. Sensomind handles all the hard parts for you and lets you reap the rewards.

Cloud Computing Made Easy

Sensomind partners with Microsoft and is hosted by the world's leading cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure. Azure complies all the major industry protocols and standards to guarantee your privacy and security.

Immense Amounts of Processing Power

Sensomind uses the latest GPUs developed by NVIDIA and is a part of NVIDIA's program for startups. This allows for you to train models on Sensomind's platform in a matter of minutes and with no limits in terms of amounts of data.

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