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Sensomind can help you optimize your quality and control processes using artificial intelligence.


Sensomind is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to collect data from your production lines and train models to detect, track, sort, classify and quantify the products that pass by on your line. Using artificial intelligence, Sensomind lets you set up models that automatically learn the important characteristics about your product and, once the model has been trained, you can use it for all kinds of purposes—including process optimization, enhaned quality control and integration with robots.

Sensomind can be managed through a user-friendly web-based interface that works in your browser and on your mobile device. Setting up Sensomind takes only a few minutes and getting started with all of its features is both easy and fun. If you are interested in getting a demonstration of Sensomind, please send us a message and we will set up an online meeting with you. Book a demo →


Sensohub is the extension of Sensomind into your manufacturing facilities. Sensohub is the physical component of the Sensomind solution and takes the form of an IP65-certified hardware unit that encapsulates the compute power we need inside your of production plant. Sensohub connects with cameras and other types of sensors and collects data from them, which are being used to train the artificial intelligence, and can be controlled remotely from Sensomind's web interface via AMQP/MQTT and TLS.

Sensohub implements most manufacturing protocols including Modbus TCP/IP, OPC-UA, EtherCAT, CIP, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and others to communicate with PLC and SCADA systems. Thus, Sensohub works with all of the leading automation equipment and robotics providers and can be configured to initiate all sorts of actions controlled by the PLC. Please reach out to learn more about Sensohub's integration options. Contact us →

Vision Systems that Learn on Their Own

Set up a vision system in a matter of minutes

Gone are the days where getting a working vision system up and running took months to implement. Sensomind is based on state-of-the-art techniques from the domain of artificial intelligence and lets you set up a vision system in a matter of minutes. There is no need for a consultant spending hundreds of hours installing the system, as Sensomind learns about your products on its own and presents you with a working model that you can deploy into production through a single click on your mouse button.

Automatic Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalies in your products

Sensomind offers a variety of different types of models that you can deploy into production and one of them is the anomaly detection model. By showing the system a range of good cases, Sensomind is able to learn what a good product is supposed to look like and can detect when a bad one comes up. The detection of an anomaly can trigger a message to your PLC system or robot, which can perform an action (such as removing the product from the line) based on the detection.

Tracking and Segmenting

Track your products and identify segments in them

Creating reliable tracking systems that can track the products on your conveyor belt is hard—especially in cases where your products are foods or aren't placed in lines on your belts. Sensomind uses deep learning to understand your products and build a model on them in order to identify them on the belt and track them as the belt moves. Also, Sensomind can segment your product—e.g., for a T-bone steak using Sensomind you can automatically segment the fat from the meat and quantify the volume of the segments.

Adaptive Product Classification

Classify your products on your conveyor belt in real time

Using Sensomind's classification model, you can have the system learn about the types of classes in your products (e.g., high-quality, medium-quality and low-quality). You define how many classes you have and you tell the system what each of them are called. Then, based a small sample labelled with your classes, the system starts to learn the significant features of each class. Once trained, you can easily deploy the model into production and start having predictions being made on all of your products.

State-of-the-art technology wrapped in a simple UI

The power of AI without the hassle

The secret behind the ease of use of Sensomind's models is that they are powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques. AI is a new and rapidly expanding category of algorithms that are able to analyze images and present insights in way that has not been possible with traditional computer vision systems (such as OpenCV). AI is complicated but we make it easy for you, as we provide a simple and intuitive user interface where we only present you with the options and information you need to create flexible and well-working model for your production setup.

Research in self-driving cars benefitting AI

Leveraging self-driving car technologies

In the past couple of years, investment in self-driving cars has been increasing immensely and has led the development of artificial intelligence in the industry. Sensomind leverages the latest advances in self-driving car technologies in terms of software as well as hardware, which spearheaded by NVIDIA—one of Sensomind's strategic partners. NVIDIA's latest processing unit for AI, the Jetson TX2, can withstand temperatures ranging from -25° to +80° Celsius operating at approximately 7.5 watts.

Jetson TX2

Implementing the leading industry protocols

Integrating with PLCs and robots

Sensomind's models are capable of providing valuable insights and predictions on your products and, using the integration interfaces we provide, you can leverage them to build improved control flows. We support all of the major industrial protocols Modbus TCP/IP, OPC-UA, EtherCAT, CIP, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CC-Link and have experience with integrating our solution with PLCs from a variety automation equipment providers. In addition, the tracking information that Sensomind is capable of providing can be used to control robots and open a vast range of new use cases for robotics in manufacturing.

Military-grade security

We take your data security very seriously

We care very much about security and have built our solution around the highest security standards in the industry. We employ a range of state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms (such as SSL/TLS, IPsec, and AES) to ensure the security of your data—both in transit and at rest. In addition, we use hardware security modules certified to FIPS 140-2 level 2 standards to generate secure keys that we use both in the box on-premises and in the cloud. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more.

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